Ranjeet Brar on Gaza war crimes and repression

Why is the criminalisation of dissent becoming increasingly systematic just at this present moment?

Following the criminal arrest of four comrades of the CPGB-ML for distributing a pamphlet telling the truth about Israel and zionism, Comrade Ranjeet Brar – one amongst the arrested comrades – delivers a seminar summarising the experience of the arrest and once again exposing Israel for what it really is: a racist, antisemitic, reactionary tool of imperialism.

Our analysis of Israel hasn’t come from nowhere. We have a rich literature on the subject of imperialism, of which Comrade Ranjeet picks out a few select texts to draw on for his talk:

The talk is followed by contributions from the floor touching on an array of topics including: the rising class consciousness of the working class in connection with the Palestine solidarity struggle; the necessity of revolutionary transformation in light of the brutal rule of the bourgeoisie; the corruption and misuse of judaism by the zionists; and the communist attitude to the environment (you’ve got to be red to be green!).