Gaza speaks: the zionists are failing despite their horrendous crimes

Palestinian resistance calls on the world to join the fight to stop the fascistic genocide and to send food and medical relief to the starving and wounded of Gaza.

Fighters from the Al-Qassam brigades assemble locally-made sniper rifles in an underground workshop. Far from defeating the resistance by its use of indiscriminate carpet bombing, two months of crazed zionist blitzkrieg has succeeded only in unifying the people of Gaza and across the Palestinian territories more firmly around the resistance, certain that there is no other future for them but a liberated one.

The following summation of the situation in Gaza is taken from the Resistance News Network Telegram channel, with thanks.


For 78 days, the zionist occupation has continued its genocidal war against our Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip with American support and weapons, amid global silence and inaction to stop and prevent its continuation.

To date, over 21,000 martyrs have fallen, and more than 56,000 have been wounded and injured, most of them women and children. We mourn the souls of our noble martyrs and pray to Allah Almighty for the speedy recovery of the wounded and sick, and for freedom for the prisoners and detainees.

All meanings of heroism and sacrifice throughout history are inadequate today to describe and do justice to the heroic epic being created by our people in the Gaza Strip on this 78th day.

This nation knows neither defeat nor surrender and is determined to extract its freedom and independence and achieve victory.

The nazi occupation has failed to achieve any of its aggressive goals in Gaza. The achievements boasted about by the war trio and their defeated army are nothing but acts of terrorism, murder and massacres against civilians, women and children, and the destruction of all aspects of human life.

Prisoner exchange

Amid talks of negotiations for a prisoner exchange, we reiterate that there will be no negotiation regarding the occupation’s prisoners until the aggression stops. If the enemy and its supporters want their prisoners alive from the resistance, they must stop their criminal aggression on the Gaza Strip.

The movement’s leadership is working with all its strength and determination to stop the aggression and massacres against our people completely, not temporarily. Our people want an end to the aggression and are not waiting for a short-term truce, after which aggression and terrorism continue.

Field developments

Threats by the failed war trio to eliminate resistance leaders are empty, reflecting their bankruptcy and fear of what awaits them in the future.

The strategy of defeating the resistance has collapsed and failed, and our brigades are much stronger than they expect.

Netanyahu and his nazi government are stuck in a war with no horizon, and their defeated army is suffering severe losses, sinking deeper into the sands of Gaza.

Netanyahu, deluded in his attempt to end the resistance, is now nearing his end.

And his nazi army’s attempt to eliminate the resistance brigades resulted in the escape of officers and soldiers of the Golani brigade from their inevitable fate in Gaza – death, disability or psychiatric hospitals.

Claims by the nazi occupation army of controlling areas and neighbourhoods in the Gaza Strip are ridiculous and false, disproved by the ongoing resistance in those areas and the heavy losses suffered by the occupation army in its soldiers, officers and equipment. The discharge of thousands of reserve soldiers is just part of the truth that the war trio hides from their public.

UN security council resolution

Yesterday’s resolution by the United Nations security council, calling for the expansion of humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip and its monitoring, is weak and insufficient. It does not meet the requirements of the catastrophic situation created by the zionist military terrorist machine in the Gaza Strip. The resolution did not include a call to stop the aggression and the genocidal war waged by the new Nazis against our Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.

The US administration continues to confirm its full involvement and participation in the aggression against our Palestinian people, working hard over the past five days to empty this resolution of its essence, producing this weak formulation that allows the fascist occupation to continue the risk and genocide.

It is the duty of the UN security council to compel the occupation to introduce aid in sufficient quantities to all areas of the Gaza Strip, especially the northern areas, secure safe passages, and force the occupation to introduce humanitarian, relief, medical, fuel and gas supplies through all crossings. And to warn the occupation against targeting and attacking aid convoys, ambulances and medical teams.

We in the resistance appreciate the positions of the Arab countries that proposed the resolution and sought to improve its wording, as well as the responsible stance of the Russian delegation, which tried to introduce amendments to the resolution to help end this fascist aggression. However, this attempt was met with the American position.

Humanitarian suffering

This nazi war and zionist aggression against the Gaza Strip since the start of the aggression on our people in the Gaza Strip has left 1.8 million people displaced, either in displacement and shelter centres or in other homes and dwellings.

Approximately 2.3 million people are now living in extremely dangerous and unprecedented humanitarian conditions of suffering and real tragedy due to the genocidal war and the policies of starvation and thirst.

The occupation deprives them of food, water and medicine, so those who did not die from the bombing died from disease, hunger and thirst.

Health sector

In the war of the occupation against hospitals: so far more than 110 ambulances have been destroyed, more than 320 medical personnel have been martyred, about 145 health institutions have been bombed, 25 hospitals have been put out of service, and hundreds of injured are dying owing to the lack of health services in most hospitals.

In this context, we affirm the following:

This nazi war, with its crimes and massacres, will remain etched in the memory of our people, a story of heroism and victory for the Palestinian people and a scandalous tale revealing the truth of the nazi occupation as a disgrace on the foreheads of its perpetrators, supporters, and all those who fail to condemn, criminalise and stop it, and to prosecute its executors as war criminals.

United Nations institutions, Unrwa, and the World Health Organisation bear responsibility for the continuation of this suffering and tragedy, standing powerless in their relief, health and humanitarian roles, and yielding to the pressures of the occupation.

After American and western reports have refuted all the zionist-American lies about hospitals in the Gaza Strip being used as military command centres, we call for:

  • All countries of the world and all human rights organisations to take a decisive and clear international stance on the crimes of the occupation against hospitals and medical staff, including systematic destruction, sabotage, raids, arrests and killings, and the necessity of holding those who violate international humanitarian law accountable for their crimes.
  • We call on our Arab and islamic sister nations to send convoys and official and popular delegations, to bring all relief, medical, fuel and gas supplies into the Gaza Strip, north to south, and to evacuate the wounded and injured for treatment outside the Strip.
  • All relief and health organisations in the world to enter the Gaza Strip and witness the extent of the humanitarian disaster in the area.
  • The necessity of introducing field hospitals in all medical specialties, throughout the Gaza Strip.
  • The United Nations, Unrwa and the World Health Organisation to overcome all obstacles, assume their humanitarian responsibility, and perform their role in protecting refugees and displaced persons and assisting them in schools and shelters.

Genocidal massacres

The nazi occupation army committed field executions, affecting several families from the Gaza Strip.

The Anan family in Gaza City is one example of the many horrifying executions carried out by the fascist occupation army against our families in Gaza, details of which were revealed after their withdrawal, where the entire family was found executed by gunfire inside their home.

Other families reported men executed, leaving women and children as witnesses to these brutal and sadistic crimes.

This nazi army also committed horrific massacres against pregnant women and unarmed civilians around hospitals, after coldblooded executions and bulldozing their bodies with machinery, which desecrated the graves of martyrs and exhumed their bodies, in savage scenes proving to the world that this is a criminal and fascist army devoid of all human values.

Palestinian prisoners

More than 8,000 Palestinian detainees in the zionist occupation’s prisons and camps are subjected to systematic torture, ill-treatment, forced disappearance, deliberate killing, and coldblooded execution.

In light of these brutal crimes and systematic executions against families, prisoners, and detainees, we call on all human rights and humanitarian institutions to intervene immediately to assess the conditions of detainees and prisoners in the occupation’s prisons and to form international teams to investigate the occupation’s crimes, field executions and killing of families in the Gaza Strip and in the occupation’s prisons.

We reaffirm that zionist terrorism will not break the will, steadfastness and resistance of our people, and will not succeed in achieving any of its aggressive goals.

Our people will remain steadfast, firmly defending their land and sanctities, and the invaders, the scum of the earth, will leave our land. We are the enduring landowners, and the occupation is doomed to disappear.

Mercy for the martyrs, speedy recovery for the wounded, freedom for the prisoners and detainees, and victory for our people and our resistance.
And indeed, this is a war of victory or martyrdom.