Who are the imperialists to accuse others of ‘terrorism’?

Thoughts on the barefaced hypocrisy and doublespeak of the real mass-murdering terrorists.

Proletarian writers

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Famine victims in British India, 1885. After more than a century of draining the lifeblood of India, famine became increasingly common during British rule. The colonisers insisted that nothing should be done to intervene and save the starving, viewing it as simply a ‘rebalancing’ of the population. A comforting view still shared by many of today’s privileged elites.

Proletarian writers

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It is always ironic – in the sense of blatant gaslighting – when the imperialists, and our governments, accuse their victims of ‘terrorism’. Notably, of late, the Palestinian resistance. But every country that is singled out for invasion gets the same treatment, does it not?

And, of course, our governments send their ‘counter-terrorist police’ to raid the houses of British workers who call them out.

If the ‘civilised west’ – Anglo-American and European imperialism – wants to talk about ‘terrorism’, let’s do it in the language of numbers … The language of numbers doesn’t lie!

Let’s take a tour through just some highlights of past four centuries. Come and see:

  • 100 million native Americans! Who killed them? The ‘civilised west’. Anglo-American and European imperialism.
  • 750,000 indigenous Australians! Who killed them? The ‘civilised west’. British imperialism.
  • Forty million deaths in World War 1! The ‘civilised west’. Anglo-American and European imperialism, German and Japanese imperialism.
  • Sixty million deaths in World War 2! That’s right, the victims of the ‘civilised west’. Anglo-American and European imperialism. German and Japanese imperialism.
  • Eighty million deaths in colonial India due to engineered famine, the consequence of rent-racking and drought without famine relief. “I hate Indians. They’re a disgusting people with a disgusting religion. They breed like rabbits. Famine relief will not help them.” (Winston Churchill, God bless him!)
  • Five million Koreans! Yes, the ‘civilised west’ again! Anglo-American and European imperialism.
  • Five million Algerians! Who killed them? The ‘civilised west’. French imperialists.
  • One million Indonesians, victims of the ‘cold war’ of the ‘civilised west’. Anglo-American and European imperialism.
  • Three million Vietnamese! Who killed them? The ‘civilised west’. Anglo-American and European imperialism.
  • One million Iraqis! No one but them, the ‘civilised west’! Anglo-American and European imperialism.

And that’s all before we get into the untold millions killed as a result of the African slave trade. Or the widespread poverty that results from global superexploitation by the Anglo-American imperialist financial system. Which arguably takes 40 million victims a year.

Meanwhile, the imperialist ‘environmentalist’ eugenicists content themselves with implying that the problem is that there are “just far too many people”.

We wonder why they think that?!

Josep Borrell’s “European garden” is positively blooming.

We’ve counted nearly 300 million victims in four centuries, just via a quick memory tour.

Can we comprehend what that means? It means an average of 750,000 victims of violence and famine per year (not counting the ongoing holocaust caused by preventable malnutrition and related diseases), 2,054 deaths per day, 86 lives per hour, and approximately 1.5 beautiful human beings every minute, no stop, for 400 years! And this is undoubtedly an underestimation.

This far surpasses the victims of mosquitoes and malaria. And we didn’t even need to open a book or dig into records, nor to mention what’s happening right now in Palestine and Gaza.

The result? An astronomical number that separates the modern global capitalist-imperialist system from all the crimes of ‘extremist’ organisations and groups of whatever affiliation by an astronomical order of magnitude. They are light years apart, in fact.

The European imperialists, of course, do not consider themselves ‘extremist terrorists’, or describe their system of global slavery as such. They prefer the epithets ‘civilisation’ and ‘democracy’.

These people have the audacity to talk about ‘humanitarian’ motivations as they classify other nations and countries as acceptable or not, and as they add those they disapprove of onto their terrorism lists (the “axis of evil”, no less).

The current capitalist, imperialist economic order of the world is profoundly unjust, and therefore profoundly unstable.

Capitalism, as Marx noted in the Communist Manifesto in 1848, creates above all its own gravediggers.

The British working class must lend a hand in this world-historic mission.