Caleb Maupin and Harpal Brar: The immortal legacy of VI Lenin

Why does Lenin’s life and work continue to inspire a century after his death?

As workers all over the world commemorate a century since the passing of the great Marxist revolutionary Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, Harpal Brar and Caleb Maupin discuss the lessons that they think are most significant for workers today from Lenin’s huge body of work.

In particular, they discuss the struggle against opportunism (selling out the long-term interests of the movement for real or even imaginary short-term gains, careers etc) and the importance of supporting the national-liberation movements in the oppressed countries. And they point to the huge impact that Lenin’s insights had to building a new type of party, carrying out a successful revolution and going on to harness the creative power of the masses to build a new society.

Essential listening!

Hosted by Joti Brar.