Communist party rally outside the Royal Courts of Justice for Julian Assange

Outside the Royal Courts of Justice, activists discuss the ‘official’ movement’s failure to address the real issues and mobilise the working class for Julian Assange.

On 20 February 2024, the CPGB-ML held an unofficial rally outside the Royal Courts of Justice while the court was deciding on the fate of Julian Assange.

The little-publicised Day X was organised by the official campaign in order to bring solidarity to Julian and awareness of his case, but the gathering of a mere few hundred, while spirited and consisting of staunch defenders of free speech, posed no threat to British or US imperialism, or to the British justice system in whose courts this travesty of an extradition ‘proceeding’ was taking place.

Why has the official Julian Assange campaign remained so disconnected from the British masses throughout this crucial case of repression – a totally unlawful and terroristic act of judicial persecution that is being carried out on British soil at the behest of the US government? Where were the trade unions? Where was the antiwar movement? Comrades Joti Brar and Steve Sweeney discuss these questions and more in their speeches.

Just before the rally began, artist Daniel Fooks was interviewed by Steve Sweeney. (‘The Assange case has exposed the lie and the sham that is western liberal democracy’)

Comrade Joti Brar introduces the rally. (Joti Brar hosts a Free Julian Assange rally outside the Royal Courts of Justice)

Comrade Steve Sweeney, who has been reporting from the Donbass for the last two years, spoke about the difference between the treatment of the careerist presstitute corps and those who try to bring real information to the public. (Steve Sweeney: Our government doesn’t care about press freedom)

Heiko Khoo, a stalwart of Speakers’ Corner, also spoke on the degeneration of western democracy and the hypocritical criticism by the west of socialist countries on this front. (Heiko Khoo: Every accusation of tyranny in the USSR has become reality in the west)

Joti followed up with another speech on ‘Day X’ and the repression of free speech in Britain and the west. (Joti Brar: Antiwar movement has failed to mobilise for Julian Assange)

The rally ended with an open mic, where an initially reluctant crowd soon warmed to the idea of taking a stand and speaking out about the things that the leaders of the movement fail to mention or explain. (Hear the people’s views from an open mic at the Julian Assange rally in London)