Joti Brar and Garland Nixon: Policing Palestine protestors, episode 4

The open police repression of pro-Palestinian protestors in the imperialist bloc is a telling sign of the importance of anti-imperialist action for Palestine.

In this instalment of their regular series, Comrade Joti Brar and Garland Nixon begin by discussing the second set of arrests of CPGB-ML members.

The unjust arrests, where party members were charged under anti-terror legislation for incitement of ‘supporting a banned terror group’ (!) – for distributing a leaflet condemning the racist Israeli state – reflect increasing state repression of protest and strikes in Britain and across the imperialist world.

They discuss why it is that the west is prepared to risk it all in its losing battles in Palestine, Yemen and Ukraine, and about how the weakness of the imperialist system – economically, militarily and politically – has been increasingly unveiled over the course of the last two years.

Whilst the vast majority of the working masses of the world want to see the end of imperialist domination of the world, the thing that is fundamentally lacking – as demonstrated by the brave resistant Yemeni people – is strong organisation.