The USA bears joint responsibility for the zionists’ Rafah holocaust

Those who arm and support the zionazis are as culpable as the occupation goons themselves for the heinous crimes being committed in Gaza.

True to its word, and in blatant defiance of the order issued by the International Court of Justice to cease its assault on Rafah immediately, the zionist entity is now bombarding the tent city that surrounds Rafah, home to one and half million refugees who have been forced out of their homes elsewhere in Gaza. Graphic and horrific images are circulating on social media of mutilated children, who had been sheltering in tents next to an Unrwa centre in an officially-designated ‘safe zone’. This has been entirely enabled by the west’s unqualified support for the genocidaires.

This statement is reproduced from Resistance News Network, with thanks.


This crime is a message to every individual in this world about their personal responsibility in facing an unprecedented escalation of brutality, criminality and terrorism that threatens every meaning of human values and unleashes complete dominance of savagery over this world.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine stated that the occupation army committed one of the most atrocious massacres in human history by bombing tents crowded with displaced people in Rafah, who had set up their tents beside one of the Unrwa centres, trying to shelter from the ongoing war of genocide.

The Front confirmed that this crime comes as a result of the American cover, which war criminal and genocide architect Joseph Biden ensured to provide to the occupation army and its government, and his continuous support for the extermination of our people and his full partnership in all war crimes.

The Popular Front called on everyone who is deluded by the possibility of the occupation listening to international appeals and condemnations to abandon these illusions and lies, which our people pay for with their blood that is shed every hour. All these decisions are meaningless unless war criminals from the zionist entity are punished and direct measures are taken to besiege the occupation and support our people in their confrontation.

The Front clarified in its statement:

  1. The occupation crime expresses its decision to deliberately breach all laws and treaties and directly challenge the decisions of the International Court of Justice issued on 24 May 2024, as the occupation’s planes bombed the area with American bombs, which the occupier classified and announced as a safe zone in the northwest of Rafah city, forcing the displaced to move and crowd there. This area is packed with hundreds of thousands of displaced people who tried to save themselves and their children from the massacres committed by the occupation in all areas of the Strip and took refuge in this area, which is currently home to dozens of international institutions.
  2. The crime represents a clear insistence on committing a war crime and an announced genocide crime. The occupation ensured that all legal specifications of war crimes and genocide apply to it, which invalidates its lies, deception, and the lies of its allies and everyone who seeks to cover up its war crimes.
  3. The American administration, which provided this occupier with its bombs and planes used in committing this massacre and others, is a main partner and accused party that must be tried for all the war crimes and genocides committed by the occupation, especially Joseph Biden and the members of his administration. The responsibility for implementing the decisions of the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court falls on every state in this world. Every individual in our world also bears a personal responsibility to work to stop the genocidal crimes.
  4. What was issued by the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court is no longer sufficient at all. We call on the concerned parties and friendly countries to file clear and direct complaints against the United States government and its president as partners in the war crimes against our people.
  5. The Palestinian resistance, in the face of this brutal insistence on exterminating our people, is obliged to continue and escalate its defence of the existence of the Palestinian people, with all means and forms of struggle against the genocidal criminals.

The occupation army’s choice to bomb gatherings of displaced people and their tents with tons of incendiary bombs – if this does not shake the entire world and drive every person to the streets in protest, anger and intifada against the zionist entity, then this can only signify a resounding collapse of humanity as a whole.

We call on the Arab nation in the name of the pure, spilled blood of the innocent, the burned bodies of its children, and their suffering souls in steadfast Gaza, to rise and stop idling. There is no meaning to Arabism if it is not in the unity of concern and destiny, and the rejection and explosion of anger in the face of these crimes and their perpetrators and supporters.

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
26 May 2024