Russian ambassador: ‘The world is undergoing truly tectonic changes’

Celebrating Russia’s National Day with anti-imperialist friends in the heart of Foggy Albion.

Proletarian writers

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Comrades from the CPGB-ML leadership with the ambassadors of Russia, Venezuela and South Africa at the Russian embassy in London celebrating Russia’s National day 2024.

Proletarian writers

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It was a pleasure and an honour for our party to take part in the celebration of Russia’s National day at the invitation of HE Andrei Kelin, Russian ambassador to the UK. While there our comrades met not only Russian diplomats but also friends from the fraternal embassies of China, Cuba, Venezuela, South Africa and Eritra, among others.

While our neoliberal leaders – Tory and Labour, Sunak and Starmer – escalate towards war and continue to pump billions of pounds worth of arms into Ukraine to fuel Nato’s proxy war against Russia, we will always uphold the interests of the mass of the British workers and advocate peace and cooperation between our two peoples.

The words of the ambassador’s speech will not be covered by Britain’s corporate press. They offer a stark contrast to the hyperbole of Britain’s political ‘leaders’:

“The world is undergoing truly tectonic changes. The times when a tiny group of nations could impose their will and dictate to others how to live and what to do are receding irrevocably into the past. This is an objective reality. A polycentric world, devoid of hegemony and colonialism, is in the making. Russia is one of the actors paving the way towards this new reality.

“Needless to say, we face huge resistance from our opponents. They have become accustomed to acting in line with the logic of their own exclusivity and the so-called ‘rules-based world order’ invented by themselves.

“Russia is open to honest cooperation with all those who are ready for such cooperation. Our economy, despite external pressures, is developing successfully and offers tremendous opportunities for investors.

“Today, the United Kingdom is in the lead of the struggle against Russians and Russia. This is indeed a major strategic mistake that will be incredibly difficult to rectify. We regret it and hope that common sense, which is so inherent to the British, will someday prevail over short-lived political interests. In any case, we are still in possession of our foundations – four centuries of bilateral relations and some notable accomplishments in the past.

“I am sure that as long as people in what we call the Foggy Albion speak Russian, read Dostoevsky, recite the poetry of Pushkin and listen to Tchaikovsky, Russia and Britain stand a better chance of understanding each other again once more.”

We, too, work for the day when British and Russian workers are once more able to meet as comrades and friends, in an atmosphere of solidarity and respect.

Workers of all countries unite!


Book: Giles Shorter, Neo-nazi Nato’s Proxy War Against Russia.