May Day election message for British workers

CPGB-ML chairman Comrade Harpal Brar speaks from Trafalgar Square, London on 1 May 2015.

In this short speech, given on International Workers’ Day, Comrade Harpal gives a clear message to British workers in the run-up to the general election: all our problems as workers arise from capitalism, and it is fruitless to imagine that voting for any of the major capitalist parties in the forthcoming election will change our fate.

Each of them – Tory, Labour, Liberal, Ukip, SNP etc – stand for austerity and war, exploitation and the degradation of working people in order to safeguard the obscene wealth of the capitalist billionaire parasites.

Only revolutionary struggle can sweep away this decadent, parasitic, criminal system.

Join the CPGB-ML and help hasten the downfall of exploitation.

End wage slavery!