Joti Brar on the human cost of arms industry profits

‘Ukraine and the west are facing a devastating defeat’ whilst the arms industry rakes in it.

Joti Brar is interviewed by RT News on the arms industry’s giddy response to having an active war front in which to test out its merchandise of death.

Defence secretary Ben Wallace accidentally “said the quiet part out loud” when he recently revealed the glee of Britain’s arms manufactuerers at the opportunity to send prototypes straight to the frontlines in Ukraine for battle-testing.

But this is no surprise. This is the essence of the imperialist system. There are no mainstream parties in Britain opposing the war drive. Quite the reverse. The ‘official opposition’ Labour party complains that there’s not enough spending on arms.

This is a testament to the intensely bourgeois nature of the media and political establishment of this country, of which Labour is firmly a part.

Although the corporate media would have us believe that Ukraine is fighting for its life against the Russian aggressor, who is really benefiting from all this death and destruction?

Meanwhile, the farcical notion that Ukraine is winning the war is becoming less and less digestible in the face of reality.