Editorial: Our demands

Party statement

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The Communists not only have a vision for a socialist Britain, but also have a serious program on how to get there.

Proletarian writersParty statement

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As the media hype around the latest bourgeois election reaches fever pitch, it is easy to get sucked into believing that the very best most of us can hope for is a government that is slightly less eager to wage war abroad and would rather not make quite so many cuts at home. It is easy to lose sight of the fact that we have the right to demand much more from a society whose riches come from our labour and that of our fellow workers in the oppressed countries.

Below is outlined a minimum programme that our party believes workers everywhere have every right to expect. If the capitalists can’t provide it, they are simply demonstrating that they and their system are unfit for purpose. In which case, workers in Britain can and will organise themselves to follow the example set by the Bolsheviks in 1917, take hold of the levers of production, and provide it for themselves.

We demand:

An end to imperialist wars and financial domination.

Useful, secure jobs for all in decent conditions, with living wages, paid holidays, sick leave, maternity leave etc.

Decent, cheap, secure housing.

High-quality, free, lifelong education and vocational training.

High-quality, free pre-school childcare and education.

Free and comprehensive healthcare with no waiting lists.

Easy access to cheap and nutritious food.

Public, high quality laundries, crèches and dining facilities that enable women to take part in work and public life without prejudice or physical barriers.

High-quality, free provision of all necessary support services for the disabled so that all workers are able to live full, dignified and meaningful lives.

High-quality, free nursing homes and sheltered accommodation for those in need of support.

Universal access to a cheap or free fully integrated public transport system.

Universal, cheap access to all essential amenities: water, sanitation, heating, electricity, post, telephone, internet.

Open and easy access to all forms of culture.

Open and easy access to the media.

The opportunity to take part in the running of our society, whether locally (schools, hospitals, workplaces, neighbourhoods etc) or at a national level.

A government that prioritises giving resources to the solving of urgent problems such as the need to live sustainably and protect our natural environment.