Imperialism on trial: Eva Bartlett

Smashing through the warmongering imperialist narrative on Syria.

Eva Bartlett, independent Canadian journalist, speaks at the public anti-war meeting Imperialism on trial held in London on 31 Jan 2018.

Eva thanks Joti Brar of the CPGB-ML for her remarks about Libya and then gives an important first-hand account of the conflict in Syria, which she says is directly comparable to the Libyan war.

Eva contrasts the war reports of the BBC, the Guardian and Channel 4 with the eye-witness experience of herself and of ordinary Syrian civilians she has interviewed across the country.

The conclusion? British corporate media are lying in order to support the British imperialist intervention in Syria.

Smashing through these lies is a primary precondition for building a real anti-war movement, in which workers can be mobilised for a campaign of mass non-cooperation with the war effort.

The fact that the work of Eva and others like her is helping to bring about the understanding that is needed for such a campaign explains why they have come under such concerted attack by imperialist media, and why the ‘official’ anti-war and workers’ organisations in Britain (Stop the War, the People’s Assembly, the TUC) have so assiduously avoided inviting Eva, Vanessa and co to speak at their meetings.