Revolution in Britain

Capitalism cannot be regulated or reformed – it must be overthrown, and workers must build an organisation that is up to the task.

In this video, Comrade Harpal Brar, former chairman of the CPGB-ML, delivers the keynote speech at the party’s celebration of the 94th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution of 1917.

He explains the historical significance of the October Revolution, the achievements of Soviet socialism, and its ongoing relevance to workers in Britain.

He gives a detailed explanation of modern imperialism, its wars and its global capitalist economic overproduction crisis.

The analysis given by Karl Marx and VI Lenin not only explains these, the major problems that humanity – and in particular the working and toiling masses – are facing, but shows us the way forward to their solution.

Capitalism cannot be reformed, regulated, moderated or otherwise made to serve the interests of working people. It must be overthrown!

We must discard all those parties that pretend otherwise, particularly the social-democratic Labour party, and its revisionist and Trotskyite hangers-on, who act as agents of imperialism (misguided or malicious) in the working-class movement.

In this, as in so many regards, October showed us the way!

Our job, Harpal emphasises, is to make this Marxist-Leninist analysis truly popular, well known and understood, and to inject the workers’ spontaneous protest and resistance movements with a clear scientific analysis that can sustain them and help them to direct their blows at their true enemy.

The October Revolution showed that working people, when united and organised around a correct understanding and a disciplined party, guided by such an analysis, are really able to achieve unity of action, to become an army of millions and tens of millions, which no capitalist power can resist.