The NHS is ‘communist’ – we owe it to the October Revolution, not to Labour

What did the October Revolution do for us? Much more than most workers ever imagine.

On 8 November 2014, British workers, members and supporters of the the CPGB-ML, together with representatives from socialist Cuba and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, celebrated the 97th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution of 1917.

At that meeting, Comrade Joti Brar gave a powerful speech in which she outlined the charade of our ‘democratic’ British politics, which simply represents the best shell in which to encase the dictatorship of British finance capital. ConDem, Labour and Ukip are all the paid servants of the corporate elite – the barons of finance capital.

She contrasted the state of our politics and economy – riddled with crisis, unemployment and cuts to all our educational, health and welfare services – to the reality of life for the working masses under socialism, ushered in by the glorious feats of the Russian workers, led by the Bolshevik party of VI Lenin and Josef Stalin in the USSR.

In this way, we understand the significance of the October Revolution, whose impact on the modern world cannot be underestimated or undone, and whose great light remains as a towering beacon to the power of the creative energy of workers, who alone are capable of saving our planet from the destruction of imperialism, of finance capitalism, and placing it on a truly rational footing, ushering in an era of peaceful and progressive development.

Our reward for this great struggle, in the words of Bobby Sands, will be the laughter of our children. Join us in building a better world!

We say with Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, as outlined in their great work, the Communist Manifesto: “Workers of all countries unite! You have nothing to loose but your chains; you have a world to win!”