Caleb Maupin and Harpal Brar: How the October Revolution changed the world

The first big defeat for imperialism and the building of the world’s first socialist state impacted every aspect of the world we live in today.

Tune in to the third of our regular series of discussions between Comrade Harpal Brar and US Marxist Caleb Maupin.

This week, Harpal and Caleb discuss the epoch-shaping event that was Russia’s Great October Socialist Revolution in 1917.

What effect did the world’s first socialist revolution have on the imperialists and on the working masses in the imperialist heartlands? What effect did the liberation of the Russian empire’s colonies have on the oppressed and superexploited peoples of the colonial countries?

How did the building of a completely new type of society affect the oppressed masses everywhere? How did the Bolsheviks fulfil their mission of creating a socialist motherland for all the world’s workers; a base for the world revolutionary movement?

How did the successes and vindication of Leninism in Russia affect the world socialist movement? What did it mean for the domination of social democracy over the socialist movement?

This conversation was recorded on 2 February 2022. It was hosted by Joti Brar.