Comrade Harpal: October Revolution message 2020

Communists’ founding chair addresses the party on the 103rd anniversary of the Russian revolution.

“Revolutions are the festivals of the oppressed and exploited people everywhere and the October Revolution is the greatest of the proletarian festivals the world has ever known.

“It’s my great pleasure and privilege to be sharing my thoughts with you on the 103rd anniversary of this great festival,” says Comrade Harpal on the anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution.

In this half-hour presentation Comrade Harpal succinctly outlines what the October Revolution has done for the working class and the oppressed people all over the world and relates it to what is happening all around us today.

By getting rid of the system of exploitation of one person by another, which is the basis of all social strife, the Russian proletariat created the conditions for proletarian internationalism in place of bourgeois nationalism, fraternal solidarity and friendship between nations in place of national strife.

By introducing women on an unprecedented scale into social production and creating the necessary facilities (such as creches, kindergartens, public dining facilities), without which it is impossible for women to achieve equality with men, the Soviet proletariat laid the solid foundations for the equality of sexes and the elimination of oppression of women.

The salvos of the October Revolution not only gave a tremendous impetus to the national-liberation struggle of hundreds upon hundreds of millions of colonial slaves, but also rendered a priceless service to the working class in the imperialist heartlands, for the very threat of the repetition of October forced the bourgeoisie of these countries to embark on a number of economic and political reforms to ease the plight of their ‘own’ workers.

Comrade Harpal explains that outside of socialism there’s absolutely no deliverance from war, hunger, poverty, destitution and oppression of one person by another and exploitation of one person by another and exploitation of one nation by another.

Capitalism has nothing to offer the working class; its future is in the past. The working class has a bright future, and that future is socialist.