OAN: No evidence of chemical attack in Syria

Reporting from the ground in Ghouta exposes imperialism's lie machine once again.

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This news report is taken from US cable channel One American News, which, whatever the political complexion of the channel and its presenters, gives actual first-hand investigative reportage from the scene of the supposed chemical attack in Ghouta, Syria.

The OAN reporter attests that after trawling the site of the alleged attack, speaking to doctors at the hospital, and residents in the town he can conclusively state that there is no evidence of any chemical attack having taken place in eastern Ghouta.

Why is this important? Because our entire media (from respectable and trusted, allegedly ‘impartial’ sources, such as the Guardian, Channel 4, the BBC, NY Times, etc, all the way through to obviously partisan sources such as CNN and Fox) have been singing in unison with the imperialist spokesmen of the USA, France and Britain that there was undoubted and overwhelming proof that the government of President Bashar al-Assad was gassing its own people.

There was huge media and government complicity in this lie, which was presented as a justification for the escalation of aggressive war crimes against Syria, all allegedly on ‘humanitarian’ grounds.

The aim since the beginning of the imperialist-backed 2011 attack on the independent, sovereign Syrian state has been to overthrow the democratically-elected government and install a compliant regime that will facilitate imperialist looting of Syria’s wealth, and that of the wider middle-eastern region.

All the government and media obfuscation and lies are aimed at hiding this one single outrageous crime, which ‘our’ imperialist governments are perpetrating on behalf of the huge financial capitalist concerns. The truth is that they are committing genocide for financial gain.

Of course, for imperialism, this is simply ‘business as usual’. That is what makes the news report above so important. It reflects the extent to which many people in the world are no longer buying the shabby goods that the imperialist press and spokespeople are peddling.

This refusal to be taken in by the lie machine is the first and most fundamental step in laying the groundwork for a real anti-war movement; one that is prepared to organise workers in a mass campaign of non-cooperation with the imperialist war machine.

Building such a movement is the only alternative for workers who wish to avoid being sucked into the maelstrom of a third world war.