From Gaza to Balsall Heath – international man of peace

Sammi Ibrahim is standing as a communist candidate in local elections in Balsall Heath, Birmingham.

Proletarian writers

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Sammi Ibrahem, communist candidate for Balsall Heath West in Birmingham.

Proletarian writers

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The CPGB-ML is fielding three candidates for local elections in Birmingham this week, standing under the name of the Birmingham Worker.

Sammi Ibrahem is no stranger to conflict and hardship. Born in a Palestinian refugee camp, Sammi Ibrahem was repeatedly shot by zionist troops, but survived the ordeal and lived to spread his message of uncompromising struggle against imperialism.

Sammi, who has been cruelly separated from his family for many years by the Israeli occupation of Palestine, escaped Israeli detention on a scholarship programme and has been a champion of the oppressed ever since.

Man of peace

Sammi knows that hatred can only be challenged head-on.

In his years as a community activist in Balsall Heath, he has looked after the interests of hundreds of local workers and residents, many of whom have faced unfair eviction orders from council bailiffs as a result of crushing poverty, or the bullying threats of slum landlords, rapacious bosses or street hoodlums.

But Sammi Ibrhaem says that workers and oppressed peoples can stand up to bullies and they can win, not only here in Balsall Heath, but around the world, whether it’s in Gaza or Seoul.

As a champion of the oppressed, Sammi has been invited by countless organisations to visit them in the pursuance of peace and socialism.

South Korea and the threats of nuclear war

This April, Sammi Ibrahem is a guest of the south Korean workers and peace-loving people when he visits Seoul on a two-week trip to promote friendship, peace and reunification.

At the invitation of the Peace and Democracy Party and Korean peace organisations, Sammi will deliver a message from the socialist and peace-loving people of Birmingham to our south Korean friends, who face the threat of nuclear war as a result of the maniac Donald Trump and the aggressive plans of US imperialism.

As Sammi says:

“Korea was unjustly divided after the second world war as a result of US imperialist occupation of the south. It is high time that injustice was reversed.”