Book launch video: Britain’s Perfidious Labour Party

Ranjeet Brar gives an essential overview of 125 years of misleadership, revealing the true anti-working class essence of the British ’Labour’ party.

Comrade Ranjeet Brar presents this essential history of the Labour party to a packed meeting in west London, explaining how Labour has from its very foundations been a loyal servant of the British imperialist ruling class and a facilitator of British finance capital’s domination and plunder of the globe.

Ranjeet looks at why it should be that no matter what crimes the Labour party commits, there is never any shortage of organisations claiming to represent the interests of the working class, claiming even to be ‘socialist’ or ‘communist’, whose leaders continue to assert that Labour is ‘better than the Tories’, and that electing a Labour government to run British imperialism is the best, indeed the only, hope for solving workers’ many and multiplying problems.

Where did the myth of Labour’s ‘golden era’ and ‘socialist roots’ originate? Who propagates these fairy tales, and why?

Was the establishment of the National Health Service in 1948 proof of Labour’s socialist credentials? What about the minimum wage brought in under the government of Tony Blair?

Written by Harpal Brar, with an introduction by Ranjeet, this pamphlet aims to set the record straight on the roots, history and true purpose of Britain’s Labour party, the leader of world social democracy, cheerleader of every imperialist war, and loyal servant of British finance capital.

This is an essential history for every worker to understand as the present and deepest-ever economic crisis of capitalism bites ever deeper. If we are to build a party and a movement capable of serving our real interests, we must learn the lessons of the past and avoid falling into the same traps. Our future depends on it!


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