Gaza Massacre 14 May 2018 – but Palestine will return!

The bloody deeds of Israeli zionism are leading it inexorably towards its own destruction. Long live Palestine!

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“What a glorious day. Remember this moment. This is history.”

These were the obscene words with which Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu greeted the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem, on Monday 14 May 2018.

Ivanka Trump attended the ceremony, unveiling a plaque dedicated to Donald Trump, the US president who made the decision to move the embassy.

The significance was not lost on the Palestinian people, who with this move have had all (feeble remaining) hopes of a two-state solution and peaceful settlement finally crushed, with the US effectively giving away their capital city to the racist, apartheid, settler-colonial state that is Israel.

To underline the point, and in cold-blooded, deliberate and premeditated murderous synchrony, over 100 snipers of the Israeli army (IDF) opened fire on the Palestinians in Gaza, who are in the midst of a six-week demonstration to mark the 70th anniversary of the original robbery of their land at gunpoint by the Israeli army and paramilitary gangs in 1948.

It was this original crime of ethnic cleansing, mass murder and robbery upon which Israel was founded 70 years ago, and from which the zionists have never looked back. Palestinians refer to this crime as al Nakba – the catastrophe; the shoah.

An incredible orgy of murder and massacre followed the opening of the new embassy, with the IDF snipers shooting 2,700 unarmed civilians – men, women and children. Four hundred children were shot. At least 58 have been executed in this manner by the Israeli fascist forces (members of the ironically-titled Israeli ‘Defense’ Force), who, even as the massacre was unfolding, sent ‘sweet girls’ in uniform to spin the media and deflect ‘blame’ for this mass execution onto the unarmed and defenceless Palestinian refugees.

We will not forget this black day. The Palestinians have no recourse, now, but to struggle. They will not be defeated and they will not submit meekly.

They recognise that in its desperation Israel is engaging an increasingly united resistance – Syria, Hezbollah, Iran, and others across the middle east, with the backing of Russia and the active sympathy of millions of workers around the world, will see Israel fall.

The video above uses Al-Jazeera reports intercut with footage of CPGB-ML comrades attending a march on 12 May protesting the oppression of Palestine by Israeli zionism.

Although the march was small, our comrades ended up taking over the streets and blocking off traffic on Oxford Street as they marched from the BBC offices at Portland Place to the Saudi Arabian embassy.

Speaking on the open mic, Comrade Arthur gave a speech denouncing zionism as an antisemitic and fascistic ideology.

Demonstrate your anger; expose the imperialist lies; and organise!