Former soldier Mike Pike on why workers should refuse to fight in imperialist war

How working-class kids are dehumanised and taught to hate so they can serve the ruling-class agenda abroad.

Michael Pike is a former soldier in the British army. He is now a poet and a member of Veterans for Peace.

In this powerful speech at the Imperialism on Trial meeting in Birmingham last Thursday (12 July), Mike explained how the capitalists recruit young workers to do their dirty work protecting imperialist profit around the globe and murdering those who get in the way of the mission to keep the rich rich.

This was one of several speeches on the third night of the Imperialism on Trial tour. The panel included:

– Former British ambassador to Syria, Peter Ford
– Professor Peter Kuznick, co-author (w Oliver Stone) of The Untold History of the United States
Eva Bartlett, independent journalist and rights activist