White Helmets ‘evacuated’ from southwest Syria by Israeli forces

The imperialists have been panicked into action by the realisation that their proxy forces in Syria are not going to last much longer.

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Proletarian writers

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The settler colony of Israel announced on 21 July that it had evacuated hundreds of members of the supposedly ‘independent’ ‘humanitarian’ ‘volunteers’, the so-called White Helmets from southwest Syria.

The evacuees were not taken to Israel, as one might naively expect, but through Israeli-held territory to Jordan – perhaps the most telling aspect of the whole sorry saga. One cannot expect the self-proclaimed ‘jewish nation’ to take non-jewish terrorists and mercenaries into its own embrace – preferable by far to dump them provisionally in the kingdom of Jordan.

From there, it appears that the imperialists have come to an agreement to resettle them in Germany, Britain and Canada within three months. (UK agrees to take in some White Helmets evacuated from Syria by Israel by Patrick Wintour, The Guardian, 22 July 2018)

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed in a video address on 22 July: “President Trump and also Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau, as well as others, requested us to help take out from Syria hundreds of White Helmets members.”

You might be struck by the strangeness that the leaders of western nations are intervening personally to ensure this ‘civil defence force’ does not find itself in territory reclaimed by the Syrian government.

Would it be normal for western governments to intervene to evacuate, say, the fire brigade, or the ambulance service of another country at war? It would be strange to say the least if the USA announced it was evacuating the emergency services from Kabul or Managua.

Western governments generally show a callousness to their contractors. Remember the case of the Aghan translators, many of whom are now threatened with deportation from Britain – and the Iraqi interpreters before that? So it is doubly strange that the imperialists have developed such a sudden altruistic streak.

Surely more a plausible explanation is that the White Helmets are nothing more or less than their proxy forces, whom they therefore do not wish to fall into the hands of the Syrian government?

A statement from the Russian permanent mission to the European Union noted: “The mere fact that those would-be humanitarian activists, pretending to work for the sake of the Syrian people, had to be ‘rescued’ from their own country, notably following an amnesty declared by the Syrian government, suggests that the White Helmets had reasons to fear that their crimes might be further exposed.”

The statement continued: “The unprecedented operation organised to help them flee the country proves that their western sponsors were eager to prevent possible disclosure of the notorious provocative activities by the White Helmets.”

What this tells us is that the proxy forces of western imperialism in southwest Syria had become militarily non-viable. If their propaganda outfit is being evacuated then it is because there is a high risk that they would be captured by the forces of the Syrian Arab Army and its allies, and there is a very good reason why western imperialist governments don’t want this to happen.

With the impending victory of the Syrian Arab Army on all fronts, we might expect more such ‘evacuations’ to occur from other areas held by the tools of imperialism.

At the very least this means that under the cover of ‘humanitarian evacuations’, the affiliates of Isis, al-Nusra and other terrorist organisations are to be spirited away from facing justice at the hands of the people they have been killing for years. At worst, this allows these forces to refresh and reconstitute themselves before embarking on their next role as tools of western states – perhaps after a nice PR rebranding exercise.

Lest we forget, the so called ‘White Helmets’, far from being an organic Syrian ‘civil defence force’, as is claimed by the agents of imperialism, were founded by James Le Mesurier, a British‘security specialist’ and apparently ‘ex’ intelligence officer. And Syria is not his first theatre of operation, having been deployed in Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq and Lebanon in the course of his career.

Clearly, the imperialists have been panicked into action by the realisation that their proxy forces in Syria are not going to last much longer.
They have done everything in their power to prolong the war, caring not a jot for the suffering of the Syrian people, hoping against hope to find a way to achieve their aims of regime change, fragmentation of the Syrian state, and hegemonic domination of the resources and territory of the middle east, but at long last it looks as if the Syrian people’s brave resistance is coming to its full fruition.

Progressive humanity will rejoice on the day that victory is finally declared.