No cooperation with imperialist war crimes in Syria

Refuse to help with the war effort; full support to the resistance!

Party statement

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Proletarian writersParty statement

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The following motion was passed unanimously by the party’s eighth congress in September.

This congress pays tribute to the enormous courage and endurance shown by the Syrian president, government, army and people in their tenacious struggle to rid their country of both the jihadi terrorists and their imperialist backers.

By their steadfastness on the anti-imperialist front line in the middle east they are not only on the road to restoring the unity and independence of their own homeland, but are also usefully increasing the difficulties encountered by crisis-driven imperialism as it strives to maintain its dominance in the region.

Noting that our party, in direct opposition to the misnamed Stop the War Coalition and the vast majority of ‘left’ parties, has from the outset rebutted the demonisation of President Assad, supported the Syrian army, welcomed the fraternal assistance of Iran and other allies and applauded the key role played by Russian air power in turning the tide of war, congress pledges its continued support for the Syrian resistance and calls for no cooperation with imperialist war crimes in Syria.