Cuba’s view of Venezuela: Cuban ambassador to Britain speaks

The media war against Venezuela is part of the US’s drive to control the entire continent, and especially Venezuela’s important oil and coltan reserves.

Comrade Teresita Vicente Sotolongo, Cuban ambassador to Britain, discusses regional developments in Latin America at a meeting in central London marking the 60th anniversary of the Cuban revolution.

The United States continues to ride roughshod over the right to self determination of nations in the region, believing itself to have the absolute right to control the wealth and all political process in Latin America.

Taking aim at Venezuela and President Nicolás Maduro, the United States has placed crippling sanctions upon the nation and is actively trying to oust the democratically elected president and replace him with a US-trained comprador, Juan Guaidó.

Comrade Teresite points out that the USA’s interest in Venezuela does not stem from ‘humanitarian concerns’ but from the fact that Venezuela is an oil-rich nation – as was shamelessly revealed by US national security adviser John Bolton in late January.

No war for oil

It is the duty of all progressive minded people to defend the targets of imperialist aggression and actively seek imperialism’s defeat.

No cooperation with imperialist war; victory to the resistance!