Tribute to Comrade John Dempster

A staunch and determined comrade to the end.

Proletarian writers

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John Dempster (r) attending the march supporting a two-day strike for equal pay, Glasgow 2018.

Proletarian writers

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On Sunday 2 June the CPGB-ML lost a dear comrade, John Dempster.

John was a beloved and respected member of the Glasgow branch of the CPGB-ML. On any given issue when the rest of us could not see the forest for the trees, John would always tackle debate and discussion with a calmness and clarity of thought providing illumination for his comrades.

He never rushed into taking positions, instead any stance he took was the product of meticulous thought and adherence to Marxist-Leninist science.

Before joining the party he worked predominately on Britain’s railways and latterly in the public sector. Never one to accept injustice he defended his colleagues as a PCS union rep.

It was in retirement that John came to the CPGB-ML. In his time with us he was integral to the branch’s work, always untiring, willing to work harder, faster and smarter than those around him. His commitment to Leninist discipline was always commendable and his knowledge of socialist cinematography, encyclopaedic.

When he last spoke to his comrades on the telephone from hospital, our concern was for how he was doing, his concern was for how the party was doing.

He leaves behind his daughter Claire, who he loved dearly. Our thoughts are with her at this time.

Farewell comrade and friend, John Dempster. You will not be forgotten.