Surprise election win for Modi

With hindu fundamentalism on the rise and a pro-imperialist international policy, the Indian masses are in for a tough time.

Somewhat surprisingly in view of its government’s appalling economic record, Narendra Modi’s BJP has won India’s recent parliamentary election, not just winning but also gaining an overall majority, which nobody expected.

With the BJP’s continual attacks on muslims and on people of the lower hindu castes – both of which are substantial minorities in India – the election result is more than surprising and can really only be explained by the fact that not only is the Congress party’s record in government less than inspiring but also its leadership is uncharismatic and frankly dull.

Nevertheless, the re-election of the Modi government is likely to prove bad for India, as it vies to spread hindu fundamentalism and communal strife among the Indian people, while at the same time shamelessly allying itself with US imperialism.