Can the food crisis be solved?

More than enough food is produced to feed the the whole of humanity, yet millions suffer from a chronic shortage of food. What is causing this contradiction?

Comrade Ella Rule explains the causes of and solutions to the food crisis at a meeting of the Stalin Society in June 2011.

There is the possibility of raising enough food to sustainably feed the world, she says, but the free-market fundamentalism of international institutions such as the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) destroy national agriculture in favour of US and EU exports.

Once again, we find the wealth of the capitalist class is built upon the poverty of the masses of working people worldwide; their joy upon our misery.

The solution to large-scale capitalist-imperialist agribusiness is not a return to primitive small-scale peasant farming, she argues, but to expropriate the capitalist class, and run large-scale farming, freed from the profit motive irrationally distorting all decisions, to create long-term and environmentally sustainable production for the benefit of humanity.

Only the working class can achieve this goal. The task of overthrowing the capitalist class and building socialism is more urgent than ever. The survival of human civilization demands it.

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