Twenty-fifth anniversary of Comrade Kim Il Sung’s death

The great Korean leader who led his people through armed struggle, the founding of the workers’ state and the building of socialism.

Party statement

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Kim Il Sung, far right, attends a farewell ceremony for Chinese People’s Liberation Army volunteer troops returning home after their tour of duty.

The following letter was sent by our party to Comrade Kim Jong Un and the Korean people on the 25th anniversary of the demise of Comrade Kim Il Sung.


Dear respected Comrade Kim Jong Un

On behalf of the central committee, and all members and supporters of our party, I convey to you our warmest fraternal greetings on the 25th anniversary of the demise of Korea’s world-historic and heroic leader, Comrade Kim Il Sung, who led the Korean people not only through armed struggle to freeing the northern part of their country from exploitation and oppression, but also in the Fatherland Liberation War to inflicting the first military defeat ever suffered by US imperialism, despite the overwhelming support the latter enjoyed from fellow imperialists and various lackey states.

Comrade Kim Il Sung has left a precious legacy to all progressive people in the form of his extensive written works, which provide a real treasury of wisdom to all those who are struggling in today’s dangerous, difficult and complex conditions for the emancipation of the working class and oppressed peoples.

One of our comrades has written a short poem to commemorate this event:

On July 8 1994 the great Comrade Kim Il Sung passed away.
How sad we were on that terrible day
Losing our inspiration and our guiding light.
But then we found that there was no eternal night:
Comrade Kim was still with us to guide us in the fight
For a world that is just, efficient and right.
Our leader’s sun shines forever bright
His guidance continues to light our way
So long as we keep to it we cannot stray
Long, long live the Day of the Sun
It promises the brightest future when all is done.

As we have had occasion to say before, we are proud of the miracles that the DPRK is able to achieve thanks to its unwavering adherence to the socialist path charted by Comrade Kim Il Sung, and the steadfast determination shown by his successors, Comrade Kim Jong Il and yourself, not to allow your country to be blown off the course set by its distinguished founder, even when the hurricane of reaction in the world is bent on wreaking havoc wherever it can.

We are proud of the DPRK’s unshakable ability to stand up to defend itself when so many others feel themselves obliged to capitulate.

Long live the Workers’ Party of Korea!
Long live Korean socialism!