Hong Kong protests: Ranjeet Brar speaks to George Galloway on RT

‘The history of Hong Kong is one that mirrors the history of British imperialism.’

Comrade Ranjeet Brar of the CPGB-ML speaks with George Galloway on his show Sputnik about events unfolding in Hong Kong.

Who are the protestors? What are their demands? What is the role of British and US imperialism and the corporate ‘mainstream’ media? Why have British and US flags been appearing in the hands of demonstrators?

Is it true that there is a group at the heart of the protests that is deliberately attacking the police in the hopes of provoking a violent response?

And did Hong Kong really have a ‘thriving democracy’ in the days of British colonial rule?

Watch this insightful interview to find out all this and more, including the first recorded use of that notorious ‘crowd control’ weapon, the rubber bullet. In the words of Mr Galloway: “Every day’s a school day.” Make this one count.