Comrade Joti talks to George Galloway about China and Hong Kong

‘The idea of a Hong Kong national-liberation movement is ludicrous.’

Comrade Joti Brar, vice-chair of the CPGB-ML, joins George Galloway for his Mother of All Talk Shows (MoATS) to discuss China and its attitude to the continuing riots in Hong Kong.

Why are the protestors being treated so leniently when they are destroying public and private property so wantonly and beating up patriotic citizens?

How did a section of the Hong Kong population come to have such a superiority complex that they can exhibit a strange kind of racism against their fellow Chinese? Is there such a thing as the Hong Kong nation?

Who is really behind the protests and what do they hope to achieve?

This programme was broadcast on Sputnik Radio and streamed live via RT and George Galloway’s social media platforms on Sunday 6 October.