Joti Brar, vice chair of the CPGB-ML, speaks on Venezuelan national television

‘The actions of the imperialists do not speak for the workers in the imperialist countries.’

Joti Brar, vice chair of the CPGB-ML, speaks to the Venezuelan people on national television as the ministry of housing announces its progress to the nation on a number of important projects.

A committee meeting at the Ministerio de Habitat y Vivienda was attended by medal-winning athletes, trade unionists, and members of local self-build collectives to celebrate Venezuela’s latest achievements in this area. The Bolivarian government and Venezuelan people are approaching their target of building 3 million homes to house the poorest workers of Venezuela’s former favellas and rural districts. Comrade Joti delivered her simple but powerful message:

“We are here to show our solidarity with the people and the revolution, and with the legitimate government which represents them; and to say that the actions of the imperialists do not speak for the workers in the imperialist countries.”

The CPGB-ML is joining an international gathering of socialists, trade unionists and progressive forces to show solidarity and support to the Venezuelan people, to witness their struggle, and proclaim their right to independence, sovereignty and peaceful self-government, economic progress and development.

We declare unequivocally that the Venezuelan people have shown their will not only in elections – where the PSUV and Nicolas Maduro were overwhelmingly victorious – but in their steadfast defence of the revolution against all efforts of the US imperialists to starve the people, vandalise the economy and destabilise their society.

The Venezuelan people will resist and overcome the illegal and aggressive propaganda, economic, diplomatic, infrastructure and military interventions that are constantly being unleashed by US imperialism and its allies, to gain control of her markets and ample natural resources.