Comrade Ranjeet on Kalima Horra: ‘Who benefits from a covid vaccine?’

Why is there so little trust in the pharmaceutical industry in western imperialist countries?

Comrade Ranjeet Brar (@rango1917) joins the panel on Al Mayadeen TV’s flagship talk show hosted by George Galloway (@georgegalloway), discussing the new coronavirus vaccines and the motives behind their development.

The other panellists are Dr Siyana Shaffi, Louise Creffield, Kevin Barratt, Jeremy Hammond and George Solomou.

The discussion covers a wide range of topics including: the level of threat the virus represents; the efficacy of vaccinations in general, and of the coronavirus vaccinations that have been fast-tracked in particular; the difference in approach between the development of vaccines in China, Russia and Cuba to that of the USA and Britain, and the role of big pharma in the production process; and the question of conspiracy and whether the virus was deliberately released in order to justify the implementation of social control measures.

Comrade Ranjeet is able to draw the discussion back to the underlying economic motive that governs all action under the capitalist system. He reminds us that an unstable state, with the mass of the population being pushed deeper into precarious situations and as a result looking for answers, is not what the ruling class would choose. Nevertheless, the ruling class is undoubtedly making the most of the situation and implementing draconian measures.

What does all this mean for workers and how should we respond to the situation?

Broadcast on Al Mayadeen TV on 16 November 2020