Dr Bob Gill and Dr Ranjeet Brar: The NHS is being dismantled before our eyes

Workers are sleepwalking towards a nightmare of American-style health inequalities and bankrupting treatments bills.

This programme is reprodued from Socialist Telly with thanks.


In this compelling programme, campaigning doctors Bob Gill (@drbobgill) and Ranjeet Brar (@rango1917) paint a disturbing picture of the ways in which the Covid pandemic has been used to further the agenda of wholesale privatisation of Britain’s health service.

Why were GPs and existing testing facilities and community health networks sidelined during the pandemic? Why are so many surgeries still relying on phone consultations instead of getting back to face-to-face ones? Many of the decisions taken at the height of the pandemic cost entirely unnecessary billions, as well as leading to countless thousands of avoidable deaths.

From a health perspective these decisions made no sense, but understood in the context of the push to create a national structure and market for private healthcare provision – whether direct or via ‘NHS’ contracts – they fit a pattern that began at least four decades ago.

Dr Gill further lays out the real content and purpose of the latest health and social care ‘reforms’ and puts a stark choice in front of workers: mobilise now to put a stop to privatisation and demand the renationalisation of all health and social care provision, or sit by and watch while Britain’s cherished NHS is totally destroyed.


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