Dr Ranjeet Brar: Act now to stop the selling of your NHS data

How is it that the government has got so far down the road of selling our health information and workers have heard nothing about it at all?

In this interview, Mother of All Talkshows host George Galloway is left dumbfounded as Dr Ranjeet Brar talks about the selling of ALL NHS patient data on 21 June.

From birth records to sexual preference data, essentially everything you’ve ever told your GP will be sold off to private companies, as will all data kept about you in NHS hospitals.

The government has exercised a deliberate ‘stealth policy’ during the pandemic in order to sneak measures past a distracted public and bring us ever nearer to an insurance-based health system.

The Labour party‘s leaders have done nothing to oppose this, despite it having been brought to their attention by senior health professionals. There are only a few days left to opt out and stop your personal data being sold.

To do this, visit the opt out page at Med Confidential.