‘Resiste y avanza’: Venezuelans host global solidarity event for Palestine

Workers all over the world have been expressing their disgust at the latest zionist outrages.

It has never been more clear that the battle for the hearts and minds of the world’s masses has been well and truly lost by Israel.

On Saturday 29 May, Venezuela’s anti-imperialist working-class platform (PCOA) held an international conference in support of Palestine in light of the latest aggression of the Israeli occupation forces. This was one of a series of online events held since last year by the organisation, which itself was set up by the PSUV (Unified Socialist Party of Venezuela) and the PCOA.

The 29 May conference was called to demonstrate the breadth and depth of working-class support and solidarity for the people of Palestine from all corners of the globe – support for the Palestinians’ resistance in all its forms and rejection of the inhuman, barbaric and criminal aggression by which the zionist regime attempts to crush that resistance.

The masses around the world are routinely outraged by the sight of this fascistic regime using its army, navy and air force – all of which are subsidised, armed and trained by the world’s biggest imperialist superpower, the USA – against innocent civilians and children who have the temerity to be born Palestinians in Palestine.

This event was well coordinated by PCOA coordinator Nelson Herera Pérez, and speakers included the PCOA’s Palestinian representative Dr Issam Azmi Abdelaziz Alkhawaja alongside PCOA deputy Francisco Torrealba and other Venezuelan union and working-class leaders. International speakers came from Europe, North America, Australia, Africa and, of course, Latin America, most notably Cuba, and included Venezuela’s ambassador in Jordan.

Speeches were given primarily in Arabic and Spanish, with music provided by legendary Chilean folk group Inti Illimani (El Pueblo Unido), who sang the International. Campaign videos and video footage of the occupation and aggression against Gaza were also shown.

Many of the speakers pointed out the asymmetric nature of the violence in Palestine, with the large and extremely heavily-armed force of Israel facing the home-made (but extremely ingenious) defensive capabilities of the Palestinian resistance, which is forced to carry out most of its operations underground.

Others made mention of the illegal atrocities perpetrated against women and children by the Israeli occupation forces; to the direct missile attacks on buildings, hospitals and homes; and to the attack on United Nations buildings and news agencies.

Those present agreed to continue expressing their support for Palestine and rejection of imperialist domination of the middle east in the streets of their own countries.

The Communist Party of Cuba meanwhile, called for the formation of a worldwide union of the left and the building of an international communist organisation, adhering to Marxist-Leninist politics.

This event was one of several being held in preparation for the upcoming Bicentennial Congress of the Peoples of the World, to be held in Venezuela on 21-24 June 2021.

Footage of the event is available to view on the Brics PSUV YouTube channel.

Long live the Palestine resistance!
Long live the solidarity between peoples the world over!
Peace and dignity for all!
¡Hasta la victoria siempre!