Comrade Ella: Our enemy is here at home, not in China

Confusing and demoralising anticommunist propaganda is a cornerstone of the imperialist drive for domination and war.

Comrade Ella Rule, chair of the CPGB-ML since our eighth congress in 2018.

The following response was given by our party chair, Ella Rule, in response to a questionnaire handed out to participants at the world political parties summit in July.


Comrade Xi Jinping made a beautiful speech reflecting the aspirations of the vast masses of the people of the world.
In response, I would comment that our party operates in Britain, in the belly of the beast – a dangerous, wounded beast. We are therefore living close to one of the greatest and most dangerous enemies of the rational goals that the Communist Party of China aims for and represents.

These enemies, representatives of a handful of monopolist billionaires, are those whose interests our British governments have been pursuing for as long as anyone can remember, at the expense of both the British people and the oppressed masses of the world. Our media and our educational and cultural establishments relentlessly pump out anticommunist propaganda and preach hatred and fear of socialist countries in order to embed anticommunism into the culture of the masses.

More recently, as China has grown powerful and strong under the leadership of the CPC, instead of celebrating, as everyone should, China’s magnificent achievements and her support for underdeveloped countries that is helping them overcome imperialist-induced poverty, they are instead redoubling their anti-China rhetoric and increasingly turning their minds to thoughts of suppressing China by violence and force, ie, by war.

The stand they are taking in accusing China of human rights violations and even genocide, and the laughable accusations that China has become imperialist, go to prove that they are endeavouring to mobilise the workers both in Britain and abroad to support war – a war that a powerful section of the imperialists consider necessary in order to squash China before it gets too strong to suppress.

As lovers of peace and harmony, we see our job in Britain at this moment as being to counter this propaganda, to foster friendship with China and trust in communism among the British masses. This is how we seek to guarantee peace – by depriving the imperialists of mass support, thus making it impossible for them to wage war.

To do this we have to wake up our people to alert them to the dangers of war, the severe threat to their wellbeing. This means our focus has to be on making workers aware of the existence of their very active and dangerous enemy – imperialism – which stands in the way of peace and which must be overcome if our shared dream of a happy future of continuous development and justice throughout the world is not to be frustrated.

We very much applaud the leadership of the CPC and Comrade Xi Jinping in bringing prosperity to the Chinese masses and in giving such meaningful support to the development of the oppressed countries of the world, and also for raising high the torch for all to see that another world is possible.

We hope that our country as a whole will see its interests better served by having good relations with China than by kowtowing to the United States.

There would seem to be elements within the ruling class who consider this to be the better path to take, but there are also unfortunately some very vociferous elements who build on institutionalised anticommunism and imperialist arrogance to continue to demand that everything should be done to prevent China from rising any further. We cannot say which side will prevail.

Nevertheless, we sincerely hope that relations between our party and the CPC, both in terms of exchanges and cooperation, will go from strength to strength.