Ukraine calls for Nazi-era tribunal against Russia

But if the USA backs this call, the tables could well be turned.

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Where is the internationally-recognised forum that is competent to put President Putin and other Russian leaders on trial for alleged ‘war crimes’ in Ukraine? Despite being a kangaroo court controlled by imperialism, the USA has declined even to sign up to the ICC – just on the off-chance that anyone should try to use its tame mechanisms to bring charges against the notorious war criminals who occupy its highest offices.

Proletarian writers

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Not since the 1940s has there been a successful prosecution of the war crime of aggression. However, in 2022, the imperialist powers – and the Ukrainian government – are scrambling to figure out a way to bring this charge against Russia.

The main institution by which this could be accomplished would be the International Criminal Court. Ukraine is calling for an ad hoc tribunal to bring President Vladimir Putin to account, and the ICC has already launched an investigation into the matter.

One might think that the USA would immediately jump on board this latest instance of the let’s-accuse-everyone-but-us-of-war-crimes bandwagon. One might even suppose that it would be a little proud of its fledgling puppet government’s toeing of the line.

But wait … The USA never joined the International Criminal Court (ICC). And to call out Russia and join the ICC now would undoubtedly lead to an examination of the new member’s track record.

The Financial Times tells us that the USA’s absence from this institution is not a good enough reason to fail to hold Russia to account. In a stunning display of mental gymnastics, it goes on to tell us that international law “must apply to all equally”.

Beneath that authoritative FT masthead and the distinct salmon-coloured paper, the reader might pass over this glaring FT doublethink. A Marxist analysis, however, brings it into focus.

The FT’s editors are very happy to most liberally criticise the enemies of imperialism. But the moment one tries to apply the same standards to the imperialist powers themselves? Well, suddenly that veneer of a ‘balanced’ and ‘rational’ publication falls away.

The FT serves one master and one master only: the capitalist ruling class.

If we are to have any perspective at all, we must be informed of US imperialism’s aggressive wars of conquest over the last century. Only then can we even begin to consider the so-called ‘imperialist invasion’ of Ukraine.


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