Ranjeet Brar on US imperialism, 9/11 and the ‘War on terror’

Two decades on from the launch of the USA’s ‘War on terror’, it is unarguable that the world is less stable and people less safe than ever. So what was it all really for?

In this short interview, Comrade Ranjeet Brar explains for a Press TV journalist the methods of the imperialist ruling class.

He looks at the lengths they will go to to secure cheap raw materials and labour, to open up markets and keep control of existing ones, and to resist or stamp out rivals, competing systems – or any territory or people that try to retain some shred of independence from their control.

Topics under discussion:

  • 00:00: Was there a preexisting plan to attack Iraq, before the 9/11 attacks?
  • 02:10: Without the 9/11 attacks, could the USA have launched its wars against those sovereign countries as outlined by Wesley Clarke? And do you think 9/11 was therefore a false flag, or an inside job, that the Americans, or some part of its security apparatus, committed against themselves, to justify those wars?
  • 04:51: What would you say were the biggest benefits of the the invasion of Iraq for the US government? How much did the USA profit and in what areas?
  • 08:09: Can you explain to us the concept of ‘War on terror’, and how it served those who instigated the concept?
  • 10:52: What were some media tools that were used in brainwashing workers into accepting the invasion of Iraq? Can you give us some specific examples?
  • 13:52: Would you say that the ‘War on terror’ has lessened the likelihood of terrorist attacks?
  • 16:41: How have American people been affected by their government’s ‘interventions’? Would you say they feel safer as a whole or not?

Watch the programme this interview was used for Hera, also featuring Scott Ritter.