Foreign mercenaries in Ukraine – Steve Sweeney reports

One mercenary demanded Russian troops ‘surrender or die!’ after botched drone fundraiser cancelled.

Steve Sweeney, reporting for RT, delivers a segment on the topic of foreign mercenaries fighting in Ukraine, discussing why they are there, where their funding comes from, and who they are aligned with.

One such mercenary, Macer Gifford, attempted to crowdsource to buy a drone which he, in an ill-advised personal project, planned to use to drop grenades on the Russian ‘orcs’. Routine use of racism to dehumanise the adversary seems to come naturally to these hired assassins.

Another mercenary, Chris ‘Swampy’ Garret, is shown to have helped train the Azov battalion since the 2014 coup.

Another, Mark Ayres, admits that the neo-nazis in Azov aren’t “bad people”; they just have “stupid views”.

Steve Sweeney stresses that figures like these are just the tip of the iceberg of a huge network of foreign mercenaries fighting in Ukraine who seem to fit in quite well with the ‘nationalist’ forces fighting in Nato’s proxy war against Russia.

Chock full of evidence, one cannot help but contrast the stellar report with the lies, lies, and more lies of the corporate media – particularly when it comes to the Ukraine war.