Communist replies to BBC budget tips: ‘Get out and see the real world.’

What kind of ‘journalist’ could seriously investigate whether ‘showering at the gym’ could be a money-saving tip for impoverished workers?

Proletarian writers

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Genuinely discussing the ‘budgeting difference’ between showering at the gym and showering at home takes the BBC’s usual detachment from working-class reality to another level.

Proletarian writers

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The following letter was sent by one of our members to the BBC in response to yet another patronising and delusional piece on ‘budgeting’.


There is what you describe as a ‘cost of living‘ crisis, and there is a real crisis – a crisis of capitalism. A crisis that will not be going away.

People are starving. Working hard and still starving. They can’t afford to live in a house, and if they are lucky enough to do so, they can’t afford to heat it and eat.

Your constant tips for budgeting are bad enough, but to seriously discuss whether showering in the gym might save money is too patronising. People can’t afford to live! Do you think they have a gym membership?

I get that the BBC is a propaganda weapon of the state, but the journalists (if they can be called that) employed by the BBC should be ashamed.

Get out and see the real world. Start reporting on the reality of the state of our nation. Start questioning why we are in this state.

It’s not because of immigrants or lazy workers or Covid or any of the other pathetic excuses you suggest are the cause, but directly and clearly because the capitalist system is failing.

As we all know it has to. It is called the crisis of capitalism.

Your reporting is trite. Your editorial line is submissive. You are not news media, but a puppet and a purveyor of banal and meaningless detritus.