Is Washington preparing to hang its stooge Zelensky out to dry?

As well as losing its proxy war against Russia, Washington is also losing control of the propaganda war.

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Large numbers of the supposedly ‘game-changing’ tanks that were sent to ensure the success of Ukraine‘s ‘spring offensive’ were destroyed as soon as they neared the front lines. When an ‘invincible’ British Challenger 2 shared the same fate, its manufacturers were furious, demanding that from now on all Challengers should be kept at a safe distance from Russian artillery!

Proletarian writers

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Now that it is beginning to dawn on everyone that Kiev’s ‘counteroffensive’ is a complete failure and that pouring more and more young lives and vastly expensive weaponry into the bottomless pit of the proxy war against Russia has all been an utter waste of time, it is now proving impossible to keep everyone humming along with the same old song sheets (‘Stand with Ukraine!’ ‘Forward with the Spring Offensive!’)

Where before the media airbrushed away anything that jarred with the official narrative and were ready at the drop of a hat to provide wall-to-wall coverage of whatever stunt the psyops team cooked up to slander Russia, there is now a rising crescendo of media chatter that is asking the most blunt questions about what the war was really about and what choices the collective west have now that the whole bloody shambles stands exposed.

Cackle from the ‘free world’ hencoop getting louder and louder

Some are blaming the catastrophe on the incompetence of Nato’s bought-and-paid-for Ukrainian army and advocate abandoning their stooges. Some (belatedly) blame the west for sabotaging the chance to engage in peace talks early on in Russia’s special military operation, instead instructing stooge actor-president Volodymyr Zelensky to make his mad gamble.

Some want to sue for peace, some want to prolong the war indefinitely, some want to ‘freeze’ the conflict along the lines of Korea, some want to bomb Russia and have done with it. (Be it noted that this last option would in fact hasten the overthrow of imperialism.)

With the old war narrative in tatters, the pressure is now on the US imperialist administration in Washington to come up with a coherent plan going forward, so all eyes are turning towards President Joe Biden and his secretary of state Antony Blinken.

The signals from that quarter are decidedly mixed, however, as was teased out by one persistent journalist on ABC news who asked Secretary of State Blinken about his recent attendance at the G20 summit in New Delhi. The journo noted that “the joint statement coming out of that G20 meeting does not explicitly condemn Russia’s actions in Ukraine”, and asked him: “Why is it that you couldn’t get world leaders to agree on a statement calling out Russia’s aggression, as they’ve done in the past?”

Blinken simply flannelled his way out of the question, and went on later in the interview to pretend that “Putin has already lost in what he was trying to achieve. He was trying to erase Ukraine from the map and its independence, subsume it into Russia. That has already been a failure.”

The obvious flaw in this argument – that no such ambition had ever been entertained by Moscow – is of no concern to Blinken. This sophistry is solely a way to square the circle: Putin has already ‘lost’, so if Zelensky agrees to talks, that’s okay, because he must have ‘won’ (despite all the evidence to the contrary).

This ‘victory’ might fool a few credulous fools in the west, but it won’t fool the fascist Banderites around President Zelensky, who have long since marked his card. No wonder the former comedian is looking so grim these days.

Now read the following and decipher it as you may. Here is Blinken discussing what form possible talks with the Russians might take: “Now, where exactly these settle, where lines are drawn, that is going to be up to Ukrainians, but I’ve found a strong determination to continue to work to get their territory back that’s been seized by Russia.

“And as to negotiations … it takes two to tango. And thus far, we see no indication that Vladimir Putin has any interest in meaningful diplomacy. If he does, I think the Ukrainians will be the first to engage, and we’ll be right behind them.”

In plain English, the message seems to be: “Carry on with the war if you want, but don’t rely on us to keep you propped up indefinitely. And if you’d rather sue for peace – well, that’s for you to decide. After all, it’s your war, not ours pal.” (It takes two to tango by Tim Hains, Real Clear News, 10 September 2023)