Upholding anti-imperialist struggle under the flag of the Platform, herein lies our hope

French communists host international meeting to discuss the present crisis and the way forward.

Events in the world are proving that the correct stance and unifying activity of the Platform are badly needed and increasingly effective.

The following article is reproduced from Platform News, with thanks.


On 17 Sep, at the Fête de l’Humanité, the Pole of Communist Revival in France (PRCF) held an international forum. The Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) (CPGB-ML), the New Communist Party of Yugoslavia (NKPJ), the Communist Party (Italy), the Communist Party of Belgium, the Communist Party of Cuba and the People’s Democracy Party (PDP) of south Korea were in attendance.

The speaker from NKPJ read the contribution of his party:

“We, as Marxist-Leninist organisations, are perfectly aware that every big bourgeoisie is the ultimate enemy of the working people – but, we are also aware of the need to use the contradictions of capitalism for our benefit, therefore we are perfectly willing to use the non-imperialist bourgeoisie as a temporary ally.

“Just like Stalin’s policy of the ‘popular front’ before and during the second world war, the communists must take the leading role in the struggle against the current biggest enemy, which is western imperialism.

“While the majority of the communist parties and youth organisations support the anti-imperialist struggle of Russia, as well as other countries like the People’s Republic of China, some of them are trying to undermine this struggle, as well as the unity inside the communist movement.

“With their ‘original’ theories (like the imperialist pyramid theory), which are nothing more than a ‘development’ of Trotskyism, they are trying to deceive both the workers of their own and of other countries. They are portraying Russia and Nato as equal, while ignoring all the atrocities Nato and its allies have committed in the name of ‘democracy and human rights’.

“Some of them go so far as to proclaim socialist China as not just a capitalist but an imperialist country, stating that the biggest threat to the working class is not American but Chinese ‘capital’.”

Joti Brar, from the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist), highlighted the cause and the severity of the present inflation crisis.

She pointed out the fact that the ruling class cannot explain this situation, and that they try to blame rising wages. But in fact, the true factors causing inflation are money-printing, ‘just-in-time’ production, monopoly price gouging, and reaction from the sanctions – especially against Russia.

The messages we have to convince the British working class of are: first, fight against the anti-trade union laws; second, crush the connection with the Labour party, which is part of the imperialist machine, and utilise workers’ power against the war. Specifically, workers can demonstrate their power through the sabotage of the war machine, so we need to use this power.

The speaker from the Communist Party of Cuba stressed that sanctions and blockade are destroying the lives of the Cuban people, and it is a clear crime.

He asked comrades to organise against these sanctions, showing the real support and solidarity of other countries to Cuba, like the fraternal solidarity that Cuba has shown to other countries during the pandemic.

Vincent Mathieu, political secretary of the Communist Party of Belgium, said that there had been an internal difference of opinion in his party, which has gone through an ideological struggle. There is a theory which argues that this war is an inter-imperialist war, but we don’t see the situation in this way, he said. It is right to focus on the struggle against Nato.

Jeff Bossuyt, a member of the political bureau of the Belgian party’s central committee, remarked that he was delighted that his party has made this decision to support the anti-imperialist movement, for this will bring about a revival in the international communist movement. We believe that the movement to support the international front against Nato, the USA and imperialism is the only hope to stop the war, he said.

The Communist Party of Quebec sent a written contribution to the meeting.

Stephen Cho, coordinator of the Korean international forum, mentioned that when our comrades were arrested by the fascist forces of the south Korean government, comrade Aymeric Monville was at the centre of the international solidarity for releasing our comrades. He expressed his party’s thanks once again.

Last October, in Paris, the World Anti-imperialist Platform was launched. We sincerely hope the PRCF will continue to work at the centre of the Platform.

Aymeric Monville said that it was an emotional moment, for we have once again experienced progress in our movement.

We were ashamed by the French government’s support for the Nato invasion of Yugoslavia in 1999, and today we are ashamed by the Communist Party of France’s support for the war in Ukraine against Russia.

We believe that upholding a genuine anti-imperialist struggle and creating a global anti-imperialist front under the flag of the Platform is only our hope.

The Communist Party of Greece had been a founding member of the Communist Initiative in Europe, said Aymeric, but last week it unilaterally announced the disbandment of the initiative. This decision was taken without any discussion or vote and we reject it, he said.

Fadi Kassem spoke at the end of the meeting. He said that while there are divisions and disagreements within the international communist movement, the PRCF will continue to stand with our brother parties in the rebuilding of a real and meaningful international communist movement; together with the Platform.