The resistance fighters of Gaza have signalled the end of the zionist project

Cast about as it may, there is no way for Israel now to free itself from a hook that it baited itself.

Proletarian writers

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While the world looks on aghast at the atrocities being carried out daily by the US-backed Israeli fascists, it is becoming increasingly clear that none of the options available to it offers the chance of a real victory. By refusing to come to terms with the Palestinians years ago when they had the chance, the Israelis have made themselves ‘secure’ of only one thing: Israel as a supremacist ‘jewish’ state is doomed – and sooner rather than later.

Proletarian writers

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Operation Al-Aqsa Flood has delivered a body blow to the fascist Israeli state, humiliating the Israeli army (IDF) and throwing down a challenge to Tel Aviv’s imperialist backers.

The operation has sent shock waves throughout and beyond the middle east, uniting millions of the oppressed around the world, who have come onto the streets to denounce the genocidal Israeli regime and pour forth their passionate support for the heroic and self-sacrificing resistance forces of Palestine.

Let traitors in the UAE, Jordan, Egypt and beyond who flirted with “normalisation” of relations with Israel now hide their faces from their own countrymen in shame, as their weasel words are drowned out by the anti-imperialist voice of the masses.

The liberation fighters were indeed a human flood that poured unstoppably across the Gaza border, brushing aside all obstacles in their way. They came in by land, sea and air, wave after wave, some even on foot.

In the streets and squares of Iran, Lebanon Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Pakistan, thousands upon thousands are pledging support for the resistance forces and denouncing the war criminals of the zionist criminals. Be they from Hamas, Hezbollah, the PFLP or other fraternal forces that have united to serve the people, these fighters are fighting for the future, sacrificing their own lives for the sake of generations to come.

The IDF has failed to make any headway getting to grips with the resistance fighters. Like their US counterparts a half-century ago in Vietnam, they were outfoxed by an enemy who knew how to fight guerrilla-style, and how to profit from constructing a deep network of tunnels for defence, storage, communication and flexibility of engagement.

Targeting civilians, committing war crimes

In the words of one resident, as posted by Nur Alsalibi on the @voenkorKotenok Telegram channel: “The situation in the city is very difficult. The intensity of the strikes is growing every day. Rockets can fly anywhere at any time. Even if they don’t hit your house, but the neighbouring one, blast fragments will fly into your house …

“Israel says Hamas was there, but that’s a lie – they weren’t there. Hamas fighters have gone into the tunnels under the city; Israeli missiles cannot even reach them. More than 90 percent of the dead were civilians. The figure of 4,385 dead is only those who could be found under the rubble.”

Thwarted by their inability to engage the resistance on the ground, the IDF, doubtless acting under Pentagon orders, resorted to the carpet-bombing Gaza’s civilian population, including schools, medical facilities and housing blocks. Just like the Italian and German fascists before them, the Israeli fascists administered collective punishment in retaliation for the heroic deeds of the partisans, hoping that by this means that they would drive a wedge between the partisans and the people.

But this policy is failing. The claim that “the population is allegedly leaving Gaza is an Israeli lie. Most remained in their homes. People are not leaving even under the threat of death. At the same time, phones are constantly receiving threatening messages from Israeli numbers. You may also receive a notification that ‘your house will be bombed’ so that people feel in danger every minute.”

But Palestinians will not tolerate a second Nakba and are refusing to budge. In this resolve, they are backed up by Russia: “We know that Russia opposes the west and does not support Israeli crimes. In Gaza they love Russia and the Russian people very much.

“Among the Arab countries, there is a very good attitude towards Qatar, Algeria and Yemen. Among non-Arab ones – towards Iran. We believe that Iran and Hezbollah will intervene and prevent the genocide of Gaza.”

According to the Jerusalem Post there is “growing concern that Hezbollah is waiting for the moment that most IDF ground forces are committed to Gaza to open a full front with the IDF in the north”.

Lie machine in overdrive but failing to convince

On the propaganda front, the mainstream press has been the faithful servant of the Tel Aviv lie machine, churning out demonic and outlandish headlines about decapitated babies and barbaric “terrorists”, but enforcing silence over any story that tells the truth about what the real terrorists and their imperialist backers are up to.

But enforcing that silence is proving difficult when the facts on the ground run so obviously counter to Tel Aviv’s desperate fabrications. The Israeli missile attack on the Al Ahli Baptist hospital in Gaza, murdering and maiming hundreds of patients and staff, is one such fact.

At first, the IDF brazenly asserted that the hospital was a legitimate target because it was occupied by Hamas. When the surviving hospital workers denied the occupation story, the IDF changed tack, claiming that the culprit was a misfiring Hamas rocket, later deciding it was in fact an Islamic Jihad rocket.

With IDF lying its head off and constantly changing its story, even the BBC had in the end to distance itself from Tel Aviv’s transparent mendacity, admitting that the Al-Ahli hospital bombing was in fact carried out by none other than (US-supplied) Israeli missiles.

To invade or not to invade? Either way Israel is damned

Rumours and statements abound about the Israelis’ intentions at this time. On the one hand, the most demented section of the zionist body politic is desperate to raze Gaza from the map, expel all its two million citizens into the Sinai desert for Egypt to worry about and fill the resistance tunnels with poison gas – and is expressing all these heinous desires quite openly before the eyes of an incredulous world.

On the other hand, cooler heads are aware that the IDF, made up in the main by part-time soldiers whose only real military experience has been in harassing civilians in the occupied territories, is no match for the professionalism and self-sacrificing dedication of the resistance, even with all its supposedly insurmountable technological wizardry – a paraphernalia of gadgetry that Palestine’s fighters have shown themselves to be remarkably adept at finding the weaknesses in and getting around by various means.

As the delay continues, laughably justified by a vacillating government as owing to ‘bad weather’, the strident calls to ethnically cleanse two million civilians from the tiny stamp of land that remains recognised by Israelis as ‘Palestine’ is not winning Israel or its backers any friends. Quite the reverse.

Across the region and across the world, the demonstrations in support of Palestine are huge and growing. In the West Bank and across the 1948 Palestinian territories, intifada is spreading. And in the wide middle east, the determination to evict the hated imperialists and their stooges for good is growing too, inspired by the heroic feats of a few thousand Palestinian fighters, who have already inflicted huge damage on the structures of the occupation, on the confidence of the enemy, and on the fighting strength of the IDF.

The longer the zionist maniacs pursue their genocidal plans, the more united will become the forces of the resistance, and the entire Arab and progressive world will be lined up behind them. Already, steeled anti-imperialist warriors from Yemen to Afghanistan have stated their intention to come to the aid of their Palestinian brothers-in-arms.

In the end, it is going to take more than a couple of American aircraft carriers to face down the growing wrath of half a billion citizens in the middle east, backed up as they are by all of progressive humanity.

Victory to the intifada!