Serbian communists denounce UN resolution on Srebrenica

The falsifiers of history are at it again, this time insisting on holding the Serbian people responsible for imperialist crimes in the former Yugoslavia.

The rush to destroy the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia began as soon as counter-revolution had taken hold in the USSR. Formerly valued as a counterweight to the Soviet bloc in Europe, a strong and independent Yugoslavia in 1991 became the imperialists’ primary target.

On 23 May, the United Nations voted to establish an annual day of remembrance for the 1995 genocide in Srebrenica. Part of the ongoing battle to control and rewrite the history of socialism and imperialism in eastern Europe, the resolution was met with outrage by the Serbian people and with disgust by progressives all over the world.

At a moment when they are actually facilitating the ongoing genocide in Palestine, to be shedding crocodile tears over mass killings of the past is the height of hypocrisy, especially when those responsible for the deaths in Srebrenica were in fact armed and funded by the west as part of its decade-long war to destroy the territorial integrity and economic independence of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.


The New Communist Party of Yugoslavia (NKPJ) strongly condemns the draft resolution on Srebrenica adopted by the United Nations general assembly, which Germany proposed to shift the burden of objective responsibility for the heinous crime committed in that area from the western imperialist countries onto the shoulders of the freedom-loving Serbian people.

Demonisation of the Serbian people

The fact that, on the occasion of adopting such a decision, more countries were against its adoption or abstained than those that voted in favour (just 84 states) clearly shows that many countries in the world reject the hypocrisy of the west. 

By pushing for this resolution, western imperialism aims to stir up the fraternal Yugoslav peoples further, in this case Bosniaks and Serbs, to incite them against one other, to create instability and to encourage national-chauvinism in order to justify the continued presence of Nato on the territory of the former Yugoslavia.

An additional reason for the adoption of this resolution is the further demonisation of the Serbian people as a form of pressure on Belgrade to recognise the ‘independence’ of Kosovo, as well as to push it into introducing unfair sanctions against brotherly Russia.

The fact is that, objectively speaking, there was no genocide in Srebrenica. Western imperialism is practicing double standards by trying, ineptly and unsuccessfully, to justify its criminal role in all the massacres on the territory of SFR Yugoslavia, including the one committed in that city in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Nevertheless, the intrigues of the imperialist power centres in Washington, London, Berlin and Brussels, and their objective guilt for the bloodshed in our region, cannot in any way be an excuse for the monstrous crime in Srebrenica. Those who committed it are bastards and a shame to the Serbian people; the only thing they deserve is the most profound contempt and disgust.

The vote in the general assembly of the United Nations clearly revealed that Serbia’s real friends are socialist countries like China, Cuba and the DPR of Korea, along with anti-imperialist countries like Belarus, Nicaragua and Syria. On the other hand, it was once again made clear that the western imperialist countries are not Serbia’s friends, no matter how much Serbia’s bourgeois government has tried to assure us otherwise.

Even as the United States of America, the European Union (primarily Germany) and Nato are leading an anti-Serbian campaign, the pro-imperialist bourgeois authorities in Belgrade shamelessly and stubbornly continue to insist on Serbia’s entry into the European Union and on furthering cooperation with Nato.

To preserve its independence and territorial integrity, Serbia must immediately stop the retrograde process of joining the European Union and Nato and instead maintain intensive contacts with its true friends, the socialist countries (China, Cuba, DPRK, Vietnam and Laos), anti-imperialist states (Nicaragua, Syria, Belarus, Venezuela and Bolivia) and fraternal Russia, and should apply to join the Brics economic alliance.

New Communist Party of Yugoslavia
26 May 2024


For an insight into how the ‘evidence’ for Russian and Serbian responsibility for massacres in Srebrenica was compiled, see this article on the trial of former Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic: ‘The aggressors shall not write our history’ by Ian Johnson, Lalkar, January 2004.

The illegitimate ‘International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia’ (ICTY), set up in The Hague specifically to try Yugoslavia’s captured leader after his country had been decimated by Nato bombs, was the august body which decreed that a genocide had been committed by Serbs against Bosniaks – a finding that it was hoped would confer some retroactive legitimacy on Nato’s decision to go to war without a UN mandate in 1999.