Great advances for Yugoslav communists in Belgrade elections

Comrade Denic of the New Communist Party of Yugoslavia elected to local council in Belgrade.

Comrade Aleksandar’s election marks the first time a communist has been elected in Belgrade since the demise of the Socialist Republic of Serbia 34 years ago. This also reflects the growing demand of Serbian people for representatives who favour raprochement with Russia and the Brics countries over continued subservience to the EU and Nato.

The following statement was issued by the New Communist Party of Yugoslavia on 9 June.


Comrade Aleksandar Đenić, executive secretary of the New Communist Party of Yugoslavia (NKPJ), achieved an excellent result in the local elections on 2 June. He was elected as the first-placed candidate on the list of the Russian Party – Struggle for Zemun – Serb and Russian brothers forever (Ruska stranka – Borba za Zemun – Srbi i Rusi braća zauvek), which received 1,078 votes and secured one mandate in the assembly of the municipality of Zemun.

The third-largest municipality in Belgrade with a population of 200,000, Zemun played a pivotal role in the historic success of the NKPJ. For the first time, the party will have a member in the Belgrade city council. This is the party’s first elected representative in Serbia since 1996. Comrade Đenić’s election marks the return of a communist member to the Zemun council after a 34-year break following the demise of the Socialist Republic of Serbia.

Comrade Đenić, as a representative of the New Communist Party of Yugoslavia, will protect the interests of the working people and the youth of Zemun. His agenda includes preserving the municipality’s traditions and green areas, and advocating for cordial relations with brotherly Russia and with socialist and progressive countries like China, Cuba, Venezuela, Palestina, Syria, etc, and with their peoples. Several other members of the party, as well as from the activist initiative Borba za Zemun, also appeared on the list of the Russian Party, further strengthening the party’s representation in the assembly.

Comrade Đenić, as a representative of the New Communist Party of Yugoslavia, was also a candidate for the Belgrade city assembly on the Russian party list, which placed fifth in terms of the number of votes received and won one mandate.

NKPJ participated in these local elections for the City of Belgrade assembly and the Zemun council. On both lists, they appeared on the Russian party’s list because they share positions on many important issues.

The Russian party and NKPJ both oppose Serbia’s accession to imperialist alliances such as Nato and the European Union. On the other hand, they favour strengthening comprehensive cooperation with fraternal Russia and the Brics countries.

Both NKPJ and the Russian party believe that Kosovo and Metohija are an integral and inalienable part of Serbia and categorically oppose the introduction of sanctions against Moscow following the launch of the special military operation in Ukraine. Both organisations inherit and commemorate the antifascist traditions of our country and people from the second world war.

The New Communist Party of Yugoslavia thank the workers, rural proletarians, students, pensioners, youth, unemployed workers, Yugoslavs and those honest intelligentsia who voted for the Russian party and the communists in these elections.