October 100: Why does it matter?

The October Revolution shaped our world and put the ruling class on notice that capitalism's days are numbered.

Joti Brar, editor of the CPGB-ML’s paper Proletarian, speaks to a packed meeting held in Southall’s dominion centre to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Great Socialist October Revolution.

She points out that we do not celebrate this anniversary simply as a historical curiosity, but because “The October Revolution marked the beginning of the era in which imperialism will be replaced by socialism; it shaped our world and put the ruling class on notice that capitalism’s days are numbered.”

“Lenin summed up the first mighty step that Russian workers had taken on behalf of workers everywhere in 1918, when the revolution was barely half a year old: ‘We are entitled to be proud and to consider ourselves fortunate that it has come to our lot to be the first to fell in one part of the globe that wild beast, capitalism, which has drenched the earth in blood, which has reduced humanity to starvation and demoralisation, and which will assuredly perish soon, no matter how monstrous and savage its frenzy in the face of death.'”

Read the full-length version of her speech as an article here.