Coronavirus: a message of solidarity to China

A new prong in the anti-China propaganda war is being ruthlessly manipulated.

Comrade Joti Brar, leading British communist, speaks to CGTN France about the hysteria being whipped up by the corporate media in a further attempt to secure anti-Chinese sentiment and xenophobia amongst western populations.

Joti asks why is it that seasonal flu kills around half a million people worldwide every year, yet receives almost no media attention, and sends a message of support to the people and government of China who are working so hard to combat the spread of the virus.

One has only to compare the hysterical level of reporting of a disease that has so far killed no-one in Britain with the paltry coverage given to the very real pandemic of austerity-driven deaths (estimated to be 120,000 and rising) that is haunting the poorest and most vulnerable in our society to realise that the wall-to-wall coverage of coronavirus is neither proportionate, nor driven by concern for workers’ health.

Inevitably, the level of coverage and the racist assertions that are being made across British media are fuelling anti-China sentiments and encouraging racism and even attacks against those who either are, or merely look, Chinese.

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