Coronavirus: What do the experts say?

Dr Ranjeet Brar talks to George Galloway about what the virus is and how we should be responding. Are we over- or under-reacting?

Comrade Ranjeet Brar (@Rango1917), leading British communist and NHS surgeon talks to George Galloway on his Mother of All Talk Shows (MoATS) about the coronavirus and whether we in Britain should be worried.

Dr Ranjeet highlights how effectively China has managed the outbreak of Covid-19, from initially identifying it as a new disease to implementing a comprehensive state-led response in managing the spread and looking after those infected and at risk.

He points out by comparison how Britain’s NHS has been run so far into the ground through privatisation that it is already operating at capacity and has little scope for managing any additional outbreak.

With the impact the outbreak has already had on world trade, Dr Ranjeet points out that if one virus is enough to precipitate world economic crisis, this surely tells us something about the precarious state of the capitalist economic system.