Coronavirus: a real threat

Dr Ranjeet Brar talks to George Galloway about how the worldwide pandemic is highlighting and exacerbating inequality.

Comrade Ranjeet Brar (@Rango1917), leading British communist and NHS surgeon, talks to George Galloway in his now regular slot on Mother of All Talk Shows (MoATS) about the coronavirus.

Dr Ranjeet discusses the real threat Covid-19 is to the population, countering some of the commentary that it is no worse than the flu.

He also outlines how the threat is exacerbated by the limitations of our depleted and privatised NHS and a governing system that is unable to mobilise resources and plan its response without the interests of private finance at the helm.

Ranjeet draws attention to the inequality in the distribution of suffering from this outbreak.

Testing in Britain is still limited and yet we’ve seen a week when MPs, royals and celebraties have been tested at the drop of a hat while many frontline health workers are not even being tested when needed.

While we are told to stay at home and not to travel, the same is not the case for the ruling class, who are free to retreat to their second homes.


This discussion was originally broadcast on Sunday 29 March 2020.