Film: The Great NHS Heist

Dr Bob Gill’s contribution to the fight to save our NHS is incalculable. This film is essential viewing for every British worker.

This seminal film is currently free to view on YouTube. Click the link below to watch it now. And please also buy a copy if you can to help fund this vital work.

Watch the film for free on YouTube now.


The Covid-19 pandemic has reminded us all how important healthcare is to society.

The NHS has been deliberately undermined, repurposed and defunded for decades. Overstretched and dangerous by design, it is not prepared to cope with the current challenge.

Dr Bob Gill’s forensic film sets out clearly how the people and the NHS have been betrayed by politicians and media alike, all of whom have failed to challenge the lies that have covered up this massive theft of our nation’s best-loved and most valuable achievement.

The privatisation of healthcare in Britain is now well advanced. Only a determined mass campaign by the public and clinicians combined can reverse the process.

Please watch and share this incredibly important film. It’s time we understood clearly what is going on in order to know how we can fight back to save our NHS.


Please support the vital work of Dr Bob Gill and his team.

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